More Tips For Scrap Metal Sellers

Each team member at Tri-State Iron & Metal Co. works every day to make certain each customer is receives a fair and honest transaction when selling scrap metal. A key element of that effort is educating sellers on how to get the most value for their scrap.

In a previous post, we shared a few of the “tricks” that dishonest scrap yards use to gain an unfair advantage over their customers. Here are some more:


Don’t take dirty material thinking you’ll get paid for the extra weight. Scrap yards will make deductions for the trash weight, and will always make deductions in their favor to protect themselves.  Clean material = zero deductions = all the value for your material.

Gross Tons vs. Net Tons vs. CWT

Know how you are being quoted because there can be a big difference in units. Always convert to lbs to get an apples to apples comparison.

Gross Tons (GT) = 2240lbs
Net Tons (NT) = 2000lbs
Hundred Weight (CWT) = 100lbs

For example, if you are comparing prices and Company A quotes you $105/gt and Company B quotes you $100/nt, Company B is actually paying a higher price per lb.

Company A: $105/2240lbs = $.0469/lb
Company B: $100/2000lbs = $.05/lb

Bringing a calculator with you will help you make the conversions, providing the information to make informed decisions!


Scrap yards know that sellers are more likely to accept the grading once the material has already been unloaded because nobody wants to reload scrap. Have your material graded before unloading so you can easily leave if you disagree.

The more you know, the better prepared you will be to have a positive experience. But don’t be afraid to ask questions, and if you don’t believe you’re getting an honest answer, check around. It’s our hope – and our daily mission – that you’ll join the many throughout the Texarkana region to find Tri-State not only provides you the best value, but is also a place you can trust.