About Us

Choosing a company that has the proper training and tools, saves you time, money and energy. Our company offers first-class service systems which include making the appointment on time and treating you and your family/staff/etc. with the utmost of respect and courtesy, while being as efficient as possible. Our staff will communicate with you throughout the service experience to insure that you are thrilled with the service experience. We offer the most advanced technology on the market giving you maximum results:

  • ATM cash payment
  • Fully concrete yard
  • Covered sorting and unloading NF buying area
  • Containers provided to assist sorting and unloading
  • Avoid wasting time, money and energy on companies that don't show up on time, nor communicate throughout the service experience. We're:

  • Fast
  • Convenient
  • A clean facility
  • Offering the most money for your metal
  • Our Overall Guarantee

  • Accurate scales
  • Proper grading
  • Prompt payment
  • Tri-State Iron & Metal is a third generation family business committed to being the premier recycler in our region. Established in 1947, Tri-State Iron & Metal is still located in its original location in Texarkana, AR. While our business has grown over the past six decades, our company values have always remained the same: family and community.

    Our dedicated and loyal employees remain the driving force behind our company's success and are an integral part of the Tri-State Iron & Metal family. Tri-State Iron & Metal is committed to offering the best recycling services for our customers and the community.

    We are proud to be in the recycling industry, where our operations prevent unnecessary pollution and help to preserve our planet for future generations. We also take great pride in supporting our community by contributing to the local and national economy.

    Tri-State Iron & Metal has a rich history as an established regional recycler. We look forward to continuing to serve the recycling needs of all our existing and future customers.

    We Are Proudly Members Of:


  • SHARP certified
  • Free metal chemistry analysis (NITON)
  • IRSI certified