Get Full Value On A/C Recycling With These Tips

Various elements of an air conditioner unit are valuable as scrap metal, but there are some important steps to ensure you are getting the most money for your recycling. Dissembling the A/C unit will allow you to sell the parts for their specific scrap value, increasing your cash return.

First of all, the Freon must be removed prior to dissembling the unit.

Then, remove the outer shell, which is classified as “light shredables.” The coil should then be removed, with the ends cut off to upgrade that material. Save the ends, which have value separately.

The compressor and the copper tubing each have respective scrap values, as does the fan motor, however you will see more value if you remove the fan blades.

Please note that Tri-State Iron & Metal Co. takes every precaution against purchasing scrap metal acquired through theft, and regularly cooperates with law enforcement. Each and every air conditioning parts purchase is scrutinized, and you need to be certain to have the proper documentation before we will accept it.

Metal recycling does a great deal of good for the environment and our economy, and while we want our customers to profit from their recycling efforts, it is just as important – if not more so – that we take every effort to discourage theft.